LED TV – More style than substance

The latest buzz in the Television world is “LED TV”. Even the laptops, nowadays, are coming with LED screens. So what is this LED screen that has the consumer world abuzz? Frankly, it is more of an advertising gimmick than anything else. The basic technology still remains LCD, only that the backlighting is done with the help of LEDs as opposed to Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lights (CCFL).

An LED backlighting can produce better dynamic contrast, when RGB LEDS are used, than CCFL and make for compact screens. However most screens use edge-LED that only offers compactness. Use of edge-LED is used to produce really thin screens and this technology is quite useful especially for laptops. One more advantage that LED-LCDs have over CCFL-LCDs is that they consume lesser power.

The first RGB LED-LCD to be produced was Sony Qualia 005 in 2004. However it was Samsung that really popularized this technology.

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