Blue Ray Disc

When the DVD gained commercial acceptance, users were awed with its storage capacity of 4.7 GB which was a huge jump from the 700 MB of space which was provided by the CD. Now, there is a newer technology concerning optical disc storage which is shaping up in the form of Blu Ray Disc, though still not a mainstream option, they are attracting a lot of attention because of the capacity they have to offer, 25 GB for a single layer Blu ray Disc and 50 G for a dual layer disc. This capacity is achieved even though; the physical dimensions are same to that of the standard CD’s and DVD’s.

The Blu Ray Discs are being jointly developed by the Blu Ray Disc Association and a number of other manufacturers including Sony, Apple and Dell. These discs use a blue laser to read-write data instead of the red laser which is used in DVD’s, hence the name.

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