Play Station 3 Slim

The Sony Play Station, the third console from the Play Station series was released amidst much fanfare and lived up to its hype and was a hit amongst the fans of the play station series. The play station was also the first Blu ray 2.0 compliant player in the market. Facing stiff competition from the Microsoft Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii, there were rumors that Sony was releasing the PS3 slim, hype being generated more so because the same happened in the case of the Play station 2, where in a slim model was introduced.

Sony laid all rumors to rest when it launched the Sony play station 3 slim in September 2009 with a capacity of a 120 GB. Apart from being smaller in size and lighter than the earlier model, the slim model also consumes less power and has a better cooling system as it utilizes the 45nm cell. One more noticeable difference is the PS3 slim has a matt finish rather than the usual glossy finish which was adorned in the earlier model.

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