The Blue Ray Disc

The newest entrant in the Optical Disc Storage media market is the Blu-Ray Disc. Developed by Sony, this disc has now become the standard for HD contents. The Blu-Ray Disc has now become a popular medium for HD movies with most motion pictures studios releasing their movies on the BD-ROM.

Toshiba was developing the HD DVD to supersede the DVD while Sony was busy with the Blu-Ray. Warner Bros, one of the major motion pictures studio, had supported the HD DVD during the initial phases and the market share of the HD DVD had been much more compared to the BD-ROM. However, Sony’s Play Station 3 helped popularize BD-ROM and in February 2008 Toshiba withdrew its support for HD DVD.

The basic difference between a BD-ROM and a DVD-ROM is that the latter uses a 650 nm red laser, the former uses a 405 nm blue-violet laser. This enables the BD-ROM to pack about six times the data as the DVD. The standard BD-ROM capacity is 25 GB while that of a Dual Layer BD-ROM is 50 GB.

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