Kindle – the 21st century book

‘Kindle’ from, a subsidiary of lab126, is the modern way of book reading. It is a pocket-sized device with an electronic paper display for reading and storing e-books. The kindle can directly download books from without there being a requirement of a PC.

The original Kindle had an internal capacity of 250 MB and could hold up to 200 non-illustrated e-books. It was replaced by Kindle 2 which was faster, thinner and had a larger internal memory. Initially, Kindle was available only in the United States, but from October 2009 onwards it is available internationally.

The Kindle has a 3G, EDGE connectivity on GSM networks for connecting to the internet. Kindle DX is another variant of the Kindle and features an accelerometer. The text orientation changes automatically from portrait to landscape, and vice-versa, when the Kindle is rotated. Kindle 2 is available at the price of $259 while you get Kindle DX for $490.

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