Toll free numbers make good cents for your chosen charity

Today we use 800 numbers constantly and may not even realize how valuable this service can be. The capabilities are vast and the service is a very reasonable alternative to standard phone lines which cost your business because customers won’t call you when they can simply use an 800 number.

Why not use an 800 number that will give to your favorite charity as you use your phone? gives one half cent to your chosen charity for each minute you are using the phone and that can really add up to a nice donation before you know it, virtually painless, and quite simply.

One of the benefits of an 800 service (numbers include 800, 888, 866, and 877) is call tracking numbers which enable you to keep tabs on who calls your number. Or perhaps you wish to keep tabs on employees for training purposes, or compensation for work done well. Wish to record your calls, whether incoming or outgoing? We can provide that service. Want to route several numbers together for conference calling? Or perhaps wish to look up who called or find an old school chum or lost relative then you might want to use our reverse look up service. Do you prefer to text someone? Use the SMS service option and simply text away! This can all be provided by one single service while you give to your favorite charity.

Add all these fine services up and then add on no commitment simple month to month billing and you will find that offers more than most other 800 service business, and they give one half cent to your chosen charity for each and every minute you use your phone. And this will accrue during the month and be paid to your chosen charity once each month. You can monitor this and your usage any time on the website. Our toll free numbers are an easy way to give to your chosen charity.

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