The savings on eyeglasses can clearly be seen at this fantastic site!

I just found a super web site where I can now buy my eyeglasses and cut out the middleman in the process. Zenni Optical has the best prices on quality glasses to be found anywhere! They offer their glasses from eight dollars up to about forty. If you need bifocals or trifocals or maybe those tinted lenses they will be a bit more at $4.95 for each option. Shipping is also $4.95 no matter how many pairs of eyeglasses you order so it makes sense to buy for the entire family at once and take advantage of that cheap shipping cost.
While these are not designer lenses they are quite stylish and there are plenty of styles to choose from. There is a great review on this business so check that out to get an honest opinion from a guy who has been buying his families glasses for eight years now.
All I had to do is get an up to date prescription for my eyes and with those figures plus my PD (pupilary distance) number from the eye doc I ordered my new eyeglasses. I even got progressive lenses to keep my peeper safe from the ultra violet light in the upcoming summer sun. Go to Zenni Optical and check out their super looking lenses and fantastic prices.

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