Thinking about switching your internet service provider?

Before you switch check out the wealth of info you can find on They have answers to loads of questions regarding your internet service and about internet providers in general.

Information provided includes:
• Compare providers rates, promotions, and special features
• Get a quick education on the technology involved with internet service
• Compare specific types of service and which is faster and more reliable.
• Test the speed of your current connection and compare to others
• Look into the ratings provided by users of the various internet providers to compare and get their unbiased opinions
• Look up what is available in your area and compare local prices
• Help you make an informed decision before you switch providers can help you with securing your computer and its internet access by addressing the issues involved with an “always on” connection to the internet. If you have children who access the internet you may want parental controls installed for their safety when online.
With the resource directory you can find links to lots of great web sites for even more help and information about accessing the internet quickly and securely. No two ISP’s are alike and you will benefit by knowing which are top rated and which ones to avoid.

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