The Blue Ray Disc

The newest entrant in the Optical Disc Storage media market is the Blu-Ray Disc. Developed by Sony, this disc has now become the standard for HD contents. The Blu-Ray Disc has now become a popular medium for HD movies with most motion pictures studios releasing their movies on the BD-ROM. Toshiba was developing the HD […]

Google Chrome OS

Google introduced its web browser application, Google Chrome which faced stiff competition from the already established applications like the Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox. Even though it was new, because of its user friendly interface it gained recognition and got positive responses. Now, Google have announced its new operating system, though the release date is […]

Blue Ray Disc

When the DVD gained commercial acceptance, users were awed with its storage capacity of 4.7 GB which was a huge jump from the 700 MB of space which was provided by the CD. Now, there is a newer technology concerning optical disc storage which is shaping up in the form of Blu Ray Disc, though […]