I won $500 in gold on a radio station!

I’m always up early thanks to my infant son, so we listen to a local rock station on the radio. They have contests and the tenth caller has a chance to win prizes. Lately they’ve been giving away one troy ounce gold bars to lucky callers who are able to get through. I won that gold bar last week and now am five hundred dollars richer thanks to my favorite radio station! Of course this happened to me…. back in 1972! Today that same gold bar is worth at least double the five hundred bucks. I’m gathering up my gold jewelry right now and taking it all to Goldline International for an appraisal because they are buying gold at never before prices.
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Wholesale sunglasses save you money fashionably

It is considered fashionable to be able to save money and purchasing your wholesale sunglasses has the added bonus of not only saving some cold hard cash, but you can own the latest fashion sunglasses plus sell some to make a profit. These are economical alternatives to much higher priced sunglasses but are manufactured to exacting standards just as those high priced “name” sunglasses. Your eyes will be protected and your face framed beautifully, and when you buy your sunglasses at wholesale prices, you can be assured you have gotten the best price available anywhere. Sell some, give some as gifts, and own your own quality wholesale sunglasses.

Government offers a real estate bailout but will it work?

The U.S. government tried to help but, as usual, it may have “bitten off more than it can chew”. The multi billion dollar real estate bailout aimed at alleviating bad mortgage indebtedness has some good points and also a dark side. As the Fannie Mae and the Freddie Mac institutions seem to be failing as well as thousands of other smaller lenders, there seems to be help available from the Treasury. This helpful aid comes in the form of a real estate bailout program that may well pump new and fresher capital into the U.S. mortgage market and allow more loans for home buyers to be made and at far more favorable interest rates. Currently interest is around five to six percent on a thirty year fixed rate mortgage loan and that’s about as low as it will get for a while.

Qualifying for a home loan may be a problem for those whose credit has already been damaged by job loss or other financial troubles. Many prospective home buyers want more house than they can afford and they need to look at smaller and more affordable housing in order to qualify. A real estate bailout may be too little, too late for many who want the American dream of being home owners.

Here is a video that can make things clearer.

Sunglasses are cool and wholesale sunglasses are inspiring!

Some people wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sun and prevent damage due to ultraviolet light while others just wish to look “cool”. Either way, you have to admit that those who wear a sharp looking pair of sunglasses are fashionable and cutting edge when it comes to appearance.

Buying wholesale sunglasses offers the opportunity to save big on your “shades”. Whether you wish to buy a few pairs for yourself and then sell the rest, give some away, or keep them all for yourself, you’re sure of getting high quality sunglasses at the best price possible when you buy them by the dozen.

If you want polarized lenses (often recommended by ophthalmologists) or standard lens sunglasses, you can get them in a wide assortment of fashionable styles. When you buy wholesale sunglasses, you can be sure they come in a wide assortment of styles, shapes, and lens types to please anybody who wishes to save money and be fashionable too.

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We’ve been keeping time together for 40 years so a really good timepiece seemed appropriate

My husband and I are celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary this Valentines Day. That is a major milestone because we have spent over half of our lives together. I knew that he admired the Citizen brand of watches for years so I looked at them. I was amazed by the quality of these watches and the fact they constantly recharge themselves by using available sunlight or even artificial lighting, absorbing it through the dial and crystal. This is not only practical; it’s a very efficient use of energy. I picked out a model and style I knew he’d love and found they offer up to 70% off so I was doubly pleased. And as I hoped, he loved it!

I was amazed when he handed me a small box on our anniversary and opened it to find he had given me one of the Citizen Eco Drive Ladies Watches to call my very own. Apparently he had been looking at them not only for himself, but as a beautiful gift for me as well. And with that discount of up to 70% this made me very proud to see he is as cost conscious as I am. This, our 40th Anniversary and Valentine’s Day combined has been the most magical one of all. I’m looking forward now to our 50th.

Office 2007 is your own personal office assistant

Since its inception way back in 1989 (initially for Macs then for PC Windows in 1990), MS Office has been the premiere office assistant. With several different applications to be utilized, many whose work included using a computer happily incorporated it into their office routine. The updated version includes Microsoft Office 2007 Ribbon to Classic Toolbar and Menu of Office 2003. The ribbon links the previous versions of not only the classic toolbar itself but several of the most popular applications used in the MS Office 2003 version.

If you prefer using the Classic Menu for Office or the Classic Menu for Word this allows you to access them via the toolbar. Additionally, the Classic Menu for Excel along with the Classic Menu for PowerPoint are readily available as well. The ribbon or tabbed toolbar, which was incorporated into MS Office in 2006, requires Service Pack 1 or higher to work with the 2003 version of this popular set of utilities.

Currently, the Windows version of Office 2007 (Office 12.0) which was released on January 30, 2007, is the most recent. An update will be out sometime in 2010. Microsoft offers a compatibility pack which allows MS Office versions from 2000 to 2003 the ability to open, save, and as well as edit documents that have been created by use of the newer formats of Office 2007.

It’s my favorite time of year again! National Finals Rodeo

I think I’ve been a frustrated cowgirl all my life and always wanted to own my own horse. So I guess it’s only natural that I enjoy watching the competition at the National Finals Rodeo. I love attending the National Finals Rodeo whenever possible. Last year I had tickets that were so-so and I plan on getting better seats this time. I found out that sitting up close is not necessarily the best because there is so much missed that happening on the other side. Upper seating gives the best view of it overall. A friend and I are going to buy our seats through a business that comes highly recommended by another friend who’s used them before. At the NFR Las Vegas 2010 when I buy early I know there will be a great choice in seating at reasonable prices.

I am looking forward to seeing the best in rodeo competition again this year. Colin McTaggart is my favorite bull rider, and I will definitely be rooting for Chuck Schmidt to win in saddle bronk riding. From what I’ve heard the National Finals Rodeo at Las Vegas will be even bigger and better than last year and I will most definitely be looking forward to it. I’ll post my view on it after attending this years competition.

Noise Canceling Head Phones – Pure Music

While you are traveling in an airplane or sitting beside a busy street, the ambient noise makes it difficult to enjoy listening to music from headphones. You may have to turn up the volume to unbearable levels in order to hear all the sounds. This takes away from the enjoyment. For this reason, Noise-Canceling headphones have been developed. What they do is that they actively cancel out the external noise so that what you hear is only the music.

The headphones have a microphone attached to some electronic circuitry. When the mic detects a sound, the electronic circuit produces a wave that is in the exact opposite phase of the one detected by the mic. This leads to destructive interference and negates the external noise. This technique is only effective for low frequency noise, like the hum of refrigerator or airplane, so traditional sound-proofing techniques are employed to cut the high frequency noise.

Noise canceling headphones are made by most notable headphone-makers with the most prominent player being Bose.

Kindle – the 21st century book

‘Kindle’ from Amazon.com, a subsidiary of lab126, is the modern way of book reading. It is a pocket-sized device with an electronic paper display for reading and storing e-books. The kindle can directly download books from Amazon.com without there being a requirement of a PC.

The original Kindle had an internal capacity of 250 MB and could hold up to 200 non-illustrated e-books. It was replaced by Kindle 2 which was faster, thinner and had a larger internal memory. Initially, Kindle was available only in the United States, but from October 2009 onwards it is available internationally.

The Kindle has a 3G, EDGE connectivity on GSM networks for connecting to the internet. Kindle DX is another variant of the Kindle and features an accelerometer. The text orientation changes automatically from portrait to landscape, and vice-versa, when the Kindle is rotated. Kindle 2 is available at the price of $259 while you get Kindle DX for $490.

Toll free numbers make good cents for your chosen charity

Today we use 800 numbers constantly and may not even realize how valuable this service can be. The capabilities are vast and the service is a very reasonable alternative to standard phone lines which cost your business because customers won’t call you when they can simply use an 800 number.

Why not use an 800 number that will give to your favorite charity as you use your phone? Charity800.com gives one half cent to your chosen charity for each minute you are using the phone and that can really add up to a nice donation before you know it, virtually painless, and quite simply.

One of the benefits of an 800 service (numbers include 800, 888, 866, and 877) is call tracking numbers which enable you to keep tabs on who calls your number. Or perhaps you wish to keep tabs on employees for training purposes, or compensation for work done well. Wish to record your calls, whether incoming or outgoing? We can provide that service. Want to route several numbers together for conference calling? Or perhaps wish to look up who called or find an old school chum or lost relative then you might want to use our reverse look up service. Do you prefer to text someone? Use the SMS service option and simply text away! This can all be provided by one single service while you give to your favorite charity.

Add all these fine services up and then add on no commitment simple month to month billing and you will find that Charity800.com offers more than most other 800 service business, and they give one half cent to your chosen charity for each and every minute you use your phone. And this will accrue during the month and be paid to your chosen charity once each month. You can monitor this and your usage any time on the website. Our toll free numbers are an easy way to give to your chosen charity.